Large Angle Valves

JUST VACUUM offers Angle Valves in large diameters from DN 400 ISO-K up to DN 1000 ISO-F as a standard product for unit production, small batches and as custom-made product.

The standardized Large Angle Valves of JUST VACUUM have a diaphragm bellow, to insulate the double-acting piston against the vacuum. The Valves are featured with an electro-pneumatical gear, steered with an 5-way valve, what allows to open and close the Angle Valve controlled. The valve plate is sealed with a Viton O-ring, that is pressed in a notch on the plate flange. Therefore the Angle Valves are usable for applications in HV and UHV range.

Alternatively the Angle Valve can equipped with a slideway instead the diaphragm bellow to ensure stability when floating large volumes and to minimize vibrations.


 Standard Angle Valve DN 500 ISO-K   Custom-Made Angle Valve DN 500 with ANSI flange